Why Us?

As a working mum I know how busy life gets and how our own personal needs can take a back seat. That's why I'm not here to tell you your doing everything wrong I simply want to help show you how a few tweaks may make that little difference.

As a woman I know how important it is to feel great about your body as well as your health.

As a personal trainer and nutritionist that has extensively studied the human body, hormonal cycles, metabolic rate and muscular structure, I am here to help you put an end to yo yo dieting, lousy gym memberships with no results and fads that are not maintainable.


We all know exercise and nutrition are important but do you know that its more how you exercise and how you combine your food groups to best balance your hormones and therefore create an effective fat burning metabolism that really makes the difference.

Endless diet companies selling ready meals and/or protein shakes have people flocking; however if you really think about it this lifestyle is just not sustainable:

  • Do you want to live off shakes forever?
  • Is your idea of a great family dinner a diet ready meal?
  • Do you worry about social occasions and undoing all your hard work?
  • Are you more worried about carbs or protein than you are your job?

I teach you everything you need to know about real food, effective exercise for your body type and how by fixing your metabolism and dropping the gimmicks you can be the happiest, healthiest and most attractive you have ever been.

the Health Picture

The best bit is you will not have to worry about falling off the wagon or gaining back the weight, after a short time it will all become second nature and you will only ever have to rely on yourself and your efficient, balanced metabolism to keep you in check ... it's so simple when you know how!

It's a way of life, it's my way of life because it changed my life, my clients all over the world have transformed their lives ... What are you waiting for?